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Season 5 EP 27 - Chef Steve Samson of Rossoblu

June 29, 2018

Design and food go hand in glove. The similarities are too numerous to mention them all here but consider; Texture, color and all of the memories and connections we make with food, as we do with design that remind us of moments in time and places that make us happy. I had the opportunity to catch up with Steve Samson, a cornerstone of the Southern California culinary community. Samson is the chef and owner of not one but two Los Angeles restaurants of note, Sotto and Rossoblu. Steve has mastered the art of Italian cuisine and there is a very good reason for that. Samson has always had one foot firmly planted in Southern California and the other in Northern Italy, Bologna to be exact. You will hear Steve tell the story, and he can explain it far better than I can. But visiting his Bolognese family each year as he grew up allowed him to develop a feel for the Bolognese style of cooking, he was immersed in it and that is why he has focused his culinary career on Italian cooking. Samson has been recognized by Jonathan Gold, the LA Times, LA Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Eater LA the Robb Report and others for his accomplishments as culinary star. As you will hear, Steve doesn’t really pay attention to that because he just wants to cook, for you. 




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