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Sharing  my passion for design, architecture and storytelling

Josh Cooperman is a speaker, writer, publisher, host, brand manager and product designer with over 25 years in the broadcast industry most notably serving as the Sales Manager and Director of Motorsports for CBS Radio in Dallas, Texas and the General Manager/ Program Director for Playboy Radio. Cooperman, a devotee of design and architecture, developed the Convo By Design platform to promote and tell the stories of those behind transformative design.

Josh Cooperman has spoken at events like WestEdge Design Fair, WestWeek and Dwell On Design. He has been recognized by Angeleno Magazine and Modern Luxury Interiors amongst others and  produced design houses and special engagements at design focused events across the country.

Josh Full SHot.jpg
Josh Cooperman - Host/ Publisher - Convo By Design: Project
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