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  • Josh Cooperman

Season 5 EP 23 - Gary Gibson

One of the most rewarding things about doing this podcast is meeting new architects, designers, artists, product manufacturers, show producers and fans of design. Here are a few things we all have in common… We love beautiful design and amazing architecture. We all love talking about beautiful design and amazing architecture. And, best of all, we all have very different opinions as to what does and does not qualify as beautiful or amazing. I get approached quite often at industry events by people who heard an episode, interview or panel discussion and either agree completely or disagree entirely. This passion for our industry makes for some remarkable conversations. These conversations and exchange of ideas are so valuable in today's fractured society. Good conversation and sharing of ideas make us better people and they also make us better at our craft. I had the chance to sit sown with Gary Gibson. Designer, artist, sculptor, showroom owner and collector. I met Gary on a trip to Modernism Week and we instantly hit is off. Gary is a debater, if he wants to speak with you, he doesn’t care if you agree with him or not. He is honest, and better, he is informed. Gibson s one of those people that make you smarter at the end of a conversation. He is also someone that doesn’t have to be right, which is a rarity these days. Gary and I discuss a lot here from Modernism to showroom curation and management. Gary talks about collecting, picking and love of surface texture…. And way more than that. #Design #Interiors #Architecture #Art

Thank you for listening. If you like what you hear, and I hope you do. Please go to Apple Podcasts and leave us a note and a 5 star rating. It helps new listeners find the podcast. Enjoy this episode with Gary Gibson.

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