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LIVE From the CXD Audio Design Lab

Information about this weeks Convo by design is coming up in a minute, but first… I wanted to tell you about an amazing individual that we lost this week. Johathan Gold passed away this week. If you are a chef, restaurateur, foodie or a devoted Angeleno, you are most likely aware of Jonathan Gold. Gold was a highly decorated food critic. A James Beard award winner, a Pulitzer Prize winner for his dedicated, creative and dogged coverage of the Los Angeles food landscape. Jonathan Gold was far more that just a food critic. He uncovered culinary gems across LA, OC and the IE. Gold spoke as an advocate for the food scene and those that made it as vibrant and it is today. I would go so far as to say that Los Angeles is considered a world class food city in large part because of Jonathan Gold. He sought out and shed a powerful light on chefs who were doing amazing things in the kitchen. You recently heard an episode featuring chef Steve Samson of Rossoblu, who was also reviewed by Gold for his work at Sotto in 2011. A beneficiary of Gold’s coverage and he acknowledged the benefits following that exposure.

One of the things I found so wonderful about Jonathan Gold is that he was aware of his power to make or break restaurants and to me, he always seemed to want the chef to succeed. He also wen out of his way to raise the tide for all boats on LA’s vast food scene. He paid the same level of attention to a million dollar plus build out as he did to a hole-in-the-wall or a food truck. A while back in that interview with Samson, you heard him refer to himself as a craftsman, not an artist. I think Jonathan Gold was both a craftsman and an artist in his work. He paid great attention to the detail of his work as an editorialist, but he also had a remarkably artful way of crafting his reviews that did more than keep score, it told a story. Much like the work of another food world loss, Anthony Bourdain. The difference here, for me, is that I am an Angeleno through and through, as was Jonathan Gold and he will be missed. My sympathies go out to Jonathan’s family, friends and co-workers. Hard to segue from this, but we’ll try…

I was in Palm Springs for Modernism Week and got into a very passionately heated conversation between an architect, designer and myself on the topic of intellectual Property rights and their relationship to the design and architecture business. The designer at the table that night was LA native and LA design fixture, Gary Gibson. My background is in broadcasting and digital media. Was the General Manager and program director for Playboy and the digital audio division. It was there that I met Emile Nicolau. Emile is one of the sharpest minds in the field of intellectual property rights. As the GM, I didn’t always see eye-to-eye with Emile, but I did always listen to him and he kept me out of trouble. As I was thinking about how I wanted to present the ideas regarding design and intellectual property, I heard Lori Posner on a panel at the 2017 WestEdge Design Fair and was really impressed t both her knowledge of artist’s rights, but the manner in which she conveyed the ideas and made them easy to understand.

See, I have been around intellectual property for quite some time and it is probably one of the most complex areas of the law. And it is probably one of the most misunderstood elements of the design and architecture business. If you are a designer, architect, artist, product designer or creative of any type that delivers a product or design based on your creative talents, you have rights based on that performance. Knowing your rights and choosing to or not to enforce them are two very different things. The following conversation is all about intellectual property rights featuring IP attorney Emile Nicolau, art expert, Wendy Posner and designer, Gary Gibson. This interview was recorded live from the Convo By Design Audio Design Lab at the LA Design Festival. A collaborative space designed to showcase audio design and explore issues that affect designers of every discipline. Publisher’s Note: My voice sounds terrible, it sounded like this all weekend from talking non stop over a three day period of time. I will have to take that into account the next time we do this.

Enjoy this conversation covering intellectual property rights for creatives, And if you do, please, head over to Apple Podcasts and leave us a five star rating and a review, it is greatly appreciated and it helps new listeners find the show.

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