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  • Josh Cooperman

Living On the (West)Edge

One of the many reasons I love Fall is the arrival of cooler weather, pumpkin flavored everything and the WestEdge Design Fair. I have been working with Troy and Megan for going on five years now. Those who don't know Troy and Megan (Or as my friend Cesar Giraldo calls them, "the Ken and Barbie of the LA design scene"). Every year for the past five now, I have tried to present a fresh spin on fun and entertaining conversations from Convo By Design.

This set was created by designer, Ryan White and it was AMAZING! Ryan is an absolute pro with remarkable taste. That Alpaca rug from The Rug Co. had me at 'hello' and at 'goodbye'. Other partners included Hollywood at Home, Empiric and of course Snyder Diamond our podcast presenting sponsor!

Much of the furniture, including this, the first version of the CXD Media Desk was built by the professional shops at Warner Bros. In 2017, Warner Bros. was back, but Kelley Jackson was our guest designer. Her take on the California Garden Follies Beach Cabana was fun and functional.

The material for the background was beautiful but also served as a green screen backdrop for many of the interviews from the event.

This space was fantastic and was the backdrop for hours of amazing conversations and a few cocktails were consumed by dozens of our guests.

Partners on this project, again included Warner Bros. Studio Services as well as Potted, Snyder Diamond and numerous guests who provided hours of conversation.

Well, this year… Convo By Design is presenting the Programming Lounge, designed by Julia Wong and I really want you to come and see it. LIVE. Please go to the WestEdge Design Fair site and get your tickets.

Of course, I will be recording from the event and will publish all of the fun activities for you to see. If you come out, please make sure to stop by and say 'hello'.


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