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  • Josh Cooperman

Starting 2019 Right with Design Insights From the Pros

I did something I rarely do, took some time off. A whole week between Christmas and New Years spending time with family and friends, reflecting on 2018 and thinking about 2019. Constantly thinking. But not doing. I forced myself to stop writing, editing, producing and I did not enjoy it. But I knew that after 5 years building Convo By Design as a media brand, if I didn't recharge that batteries a little bit, something was going to suffer. So, I thought, planned and counted the days… and here we are. May 2019 bring you peace, prosperity, health and happiness.

Convo By Design has a new look and some new and exciting new additions. One of which, I think is going to be extremely fun. Throwback Thursday #TBT has been a "thing" for quite some time but I never really got into it for a litany of reasons, not the least of which being that my vision for Convo By Design has always been about moving the show forward. I found a way to do both, and I hope you like it. Starting this season, Convo By Design is running #TBTCXD episodes showcasing episodes from our past. This month is Ryan White from episode 94 (Original Air Date was in December 2016). This was to cover the Convo By Design Social Lounge from WestEdge Design Fair in 2016.

Every week, I am going to do my best to showcase a past episode of the podcast. Why "do my best" and not fully commit? Well, because there is a TON going on this year. Convo By Design will be recording from 4x more events this year as we did in 2018 including; Modernism Week, WestWeek, Fall Market, Las Vegas, and of course, WestEdge. We will also be taking you places you have never been to meet people you didn't know you needed to know! For all the details, please make sure you subscribe to the podcast . You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel. Follow us @ConvoXDesign on Facebook/ Instagram and @ConvoByDesign on Twitter.

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