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5 Must Use Strategies to Become A Master Interior Designer: Sue Firestone

Sue Firestone shares a 5 minute master-class on becoming an impactful designer. These 5 strategies will get you there: 1. 10,000 Hours - You have heard this before and it's true. You must put in the time if you want the results. 2. Listen - So simple. Listen to what they are telling you so you can apply your craft. 3. Be Open - This design is for them, not you. You have the skill, talent and creativity to make their dreams come true. 4. Test - Test your theories and ideas to see if they have the impact you believe they do. 5. Get Lucky - We make our own luck. Be open to the idea and when it comes, embrace it. These 5 strategies have served Su e well and they can help you too if you follow them. Good luck! 5. 10,000 Hours 4. Listen 3. Be Open 2. Test Your Ideas 1. Get LuckyAs always, if you have a question about the show, a submission or idea for an upcoming episode, you can reach me at convo by design at outlook dot com. If you need links to everything mentioned above, you can find it in the show notes. Thanks for listening.

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