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Restart the Creative Engine | This is How

This is the time of year when emails go unreturned. It's frustrating because all you're doing is thinking about how next year is going to look. Are you going to get that project? Will you make more in 2020 than you did in 2019? Will the client EVER sign that contract? And with the holidays in effect, and everyone thinking the same thing AND not responding to any emails, those questions won't be answered until after January 6th. That is the first full week after New Years.

It's all a matter of perspective, really. Since you know that nothing is going to happen until then, use this time to recharge the batteries. Do something that is completely counterintuitive these days...forgo the urge for instant gratification and use the anticipation and tension to sharpen the edge of creativity. Over time, the daily grind dulls the edge. We spend so much time responding and reacting that the creative process isn't used and when a muscle goes unused, it atrophies. Restarting is the hardest part. With all this time and nothing to do...

1. Rebuild the database

2. Sketch ideas for the project that hasn't been secure yet (you WILL get it)

3. It's not a resolution's a list of desired objectives

4. Research new products, you put this off every day, now you have some time

5. Let the pressure build so the week of January 6th, you hit the ground running and don't look back

So, that's it really. Simple, not easy. I am not just telling you but practicing this myself. With over 20 episodes already in 'the can' for 2020, please check back every week for new episodes of Convo By Design for new products, new designers and inspiration. See you next year and until then, keep creating!

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